Friday, September 23, 2016

Letter to Poverty

As an exercise yesterday, I was asked to write a letter to poverty, this was my letter as of yesterday:

Dear Poverty,

FUCK YOU! You're such a fucken asshole. How dare you! How dare you make me feel ashamed and worthless and a piece of shit? How dare you make me feel like a burden and make me slash my wrists, or take those pills, or provoke police to shoot me?

How dare you make me not smile at men and make me feel like I'll NEVER be good enough or smart enough to associate with them? WHY is MY son NOT worth food and love and Christmas presents to you?

Why do you kick me the fuck down and bury me deeper in your dark pit of a hole?

Why are you making me KILL my fucken cat? MY CAT!!! The one who loves and comforts me?

The one who's kissed me in all of my scars and suicidal mess?


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