Friday, June 19, 2015

Super Women!!!

If you think the people who live in poverty are "weak", I have a story to tell you.

As Father's Day approaches I am honored to still have my father in my life and be able to spend that valuable time with him, and appreciate everything he has done for me.

I look around my community and notice the lack of Father's in the lives of the children, and it breaks my heart. But at the same time, I notice the strength in the Women who take on both roles.

There's my 50 some neighbor who has a child with Down Syndrome. She escaped an abusive husband, and had to take herself and her child to a shelter. Her baby has heart issues, lung issues, is 6 years old and is fed through a tube. Her strength that I see, is her ability to trust and rely on God to provide for her and her child, her ability to always have a great attitude, and encourage those she meets.

There's another lady who is raising her child with FASD, before you judge her, she STOPPED drinking when she found out she was pregnant. Her child's father passed away, and she is raising her child on her own, and has Dyslexia. I find her strength in her ability to celebrate her child's successes, even if they are delayed. To take her needle point skills and put them to good use, to find and utilize great activities, and she has wonderful creativity.

There's another lady who is in her 70's. Raising her two grandchildren. She has many health issues, but she took on the role of being a parent when her children couldn't do it for them. She encourages them to be involved, to be active, to be great citizens.

There are many more women that I can talk about, but you get the idea.

So Happy Father's Day to the SUPERMOM'S, who are STRONG enough to survive the unsurmountable pressure and carry on!!

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