Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Suicide Talk

As I said in the previous blog, no one talked about my cousin's suicide. It was hush, hush.

The things that I did hear about suicide, were awful.

"People who kill themselves are going to hell."

Like in the movie, "The Kingdom of Heaven." Where the woman who died by suicide's head was cut off, because she would not need her eyes in hell.

"People who kill themselves are weak."

"They took the cowards way out."

"They 'committed' suicide." As if it is a criminal offense.

Hurtful words, probably from people who either:

1. Don't understand what is going through the mind of the suicidal person.


2. Trying to scare people not to off themselves.

What I say next is going to be controversial to a lot of people.

I believe that God understands what people are going through when they decide to end their lives. And I don't believe, that the loving God I know, would send people to a place where they felt they belonged in on earth. Earth, to some people, is hell.

People who take their lives are not weak or a coward, it takes courage and guts to end your life on earth. It's not a decision that comes lightly to those who want to leave this earth.

People die, by suicide. They don't "commit" anything. They are not criminals. And I'm so glad that the language being used in this day and age is being changed.

The people who are left behind, are sad, and angry at the loss of their loved ones. I can understand this. I can also, very much understand, that I would want people to be happy for me.

I would be at peace.

No longer suffering.

And I would hope that is what people could be able to see, and feel, and know.

I would also hope, that they talk about it. And don't become silent from it.

Because talking, provides healing. And that's what people need after a suicide.

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